Engaged couple tips

unduhan-27Congratulations, you’re engaged, but, what are you supposed to do now? Here are 10 tips for newly engaged couples bursting to get started with their wedding planning.

Think before you post the news on social media

Who doesn’t love to see a friend or family member’s engagement announcement in their social media feed? However, whether your platform of choice is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, stop and think before you post! It’s hard not to get swept up in the excitement of an engagement, but make sure you have told the most important people in your lives before you tell the world on social media. After all, Mum may not be too happy to find out about your engagement via a relationship status update on Facebook!

Embrace the moment

Celebrate the moment with each other or invite close family and friends to help you celebrate the big news. This a special event for you and your partner, and one that you will no doubt cherish forever, so make the most of it! Whether that means popping a bottle of champagne or staging a very cool next-level engagement announcement photo, or spending the evening together will a pizza and cuddling on the couch, do something that marks the occasion in your own way!

Choose the ‘big’ dates

Are you going to host an engagement party? Are you going to have a hen’s or buck’s night? What about a bridal shower or kitchen tea? Not to mention, when do you want your wedding to be? Map out rough time-frames for these major events so that you are prepared when you are flooded with questions from family and friends as you will, inevitably, be. Also, you won’t be able to do things like book a venue orwedding entertainment until you have a rough date in mind.

Insure your ring

First things first, make sure that rock is insured! Engagement rings can cost a pretty penny, so make sure you protect your investment by insuring your ring. Depending on your policies, you should be able to add the ring to your home and contents insurance. Oh, and while we’re on the subject, another great tip is to always remember to put your ring back in a special place when you’re not wearing it! If you take it off whilst washing dishes or having a shower, ensure you put it away safely rather than placing it on the ledge or sink. Heaven forbid it accidentally makes its way down the drain!

Meet the parents

If you and your partner haven’t had a chance to properly meet each other’s parents, now is the time. If parents (and relatives) live in another city or, even, country, it can be hard to organise a face-to-face meeting, so even something as simple as a Skype call would be nice. The other introduction that is important is that between both sets of parents, if they haven’t already. This is great way to open up the discussion about wedding planning – especially if there are cultural traditions that may need to be adhered to!

Use planning tools

Despite what everyone seems to think, wedding planning does not need to be painful, especially with so many fabulous wedding planning tools available. Although it may still be early days, it’s important to jot down, even just roughly, your budget and the preliminary details of your wedding. It’s beneficial to keep a log of suppliers you may be interested in, and any important contact details too! You can do all this automatically with Easy Weddings’ free iPad planning app. Drafting a rough guest list is also an early priority as it will enable you to have an idea of wedding numbers, which you can tell suppliers once you start meeting with them. Vendors such as venues and caterers will require a number of guests so they may provide you with a quote.

Create deadlines for your wedding goals

Creating a step-by-step To Do list is a great way to relieve wedding planning stress and will ensure you don’t miss any key steps in the wedding planning process. Easy Weddings’ To Do checklist contains 135 key pre-wedding steps, such as ‘If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, decide if you would like a wet weather option and book this in’ or ‘Pick up wedding rings and check their sizes.” You can check off each item as you do it, which will make the whole wedding planning process much smoother – and less stressful – for your both.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

It’s imperative to not lose sight of why you’re getting married in the first place and, once your wedding day is complete, you may look back and realize some of the smaller details weren’t worthy of too much stress or panic. Making sure you and your partner know what tasks you need to do throughout the planning process, and even delegating tasks to bridesmaids, groomsmen or parents can help you to not worry too much!

Discuss what elements of your wedding are most important to the two of you

Some couples choose to adhere to wedding traditions, whilst others choose to do things their own way. It’s important that you and your partner both sit down and discuss what elements of your big day are most important to you. Maybe you really want a videographer? Perhaps your partner isn’t a fan of thetraditional garter toss. Either way it’s important that you are both comfortable with what suppliers, elements and traditions you wish to include in your big day, which brings us nicely to the next point: it really is about what makes you and your partner happy.

Remember, it’s about what makes you and your partner happy

You and your partner are embarking on planning and executing what will be one of the most special and important moment in your lives, so keep this in mind throughout the wedding planning process. Remain true to what makes you both happy and it’s inevitable that your big day will be truly special. That said, you should also be respectful of your guests, too. After all, if you and your partner are avid nudists, it may be asking a little too much to demand a ‘clothing optional’ dress code for your guests!

Tips to find the great of bridal lingerie

images-41There is so much focus on choosing the perfect wedding dress for your big day, that many brides forget about what they are going to wear under the dress. Bridal lingerie is a crucial part of your outfit and can make a real difference to the way you look and feel throughout the day, so you should shop for your lingerie well in advance to be sure you have got it just right.

Should I aim for comfort or sex appeal?

When you think about bridal lingerie you might be more concerned with the groom’s reaction on the wedding night than with how comfortable it is going to be.  Don’t forget that you will have to wear it all day, however, so there are a few practicalities to consider. You can always buy a sexy nightdress to slip into when you and your new husband get to the honeymoon suite.

Bridal lingerie materials

When you are deciding on the type of material for your bridal lingerie you will need to consider how warm it is going to be.  If you are having a mid summer wedding you will want to choose cotton or possibly silk, but synthetic fabrics such as nylon should be avoided. Corsets or bustiers are currently very fashionable wedding undergarments as they can give more definition to your waist and bust, and they are particularly popular in tapestry or satin fabrics.

What colour underwear should I wear?

The colour of your bridal lingerie will depend very much on the colour and material of your wedding dress.  You should remember, however, that white underwear is not always the best option, even under a classic white dress, and can often show through.  Choosing off-white, ivory or flesh coloured lingerie can prevent your perfect dress being spoiled by glaring underwear.

Where and when to buy your bridal lingerie

It is worth visiting a specialist retailer and having a professional fitting for your wedding underwear. A huge proportion of women regularly wear the wrong size bra and having a professional fitting to get the right size can improve your whole posture and body shape as well as the fit of your dress.

You will need to consider the style of your dress when choosing your underwear and an expert should be able to advise you on this. If you are wearing a strapless or backless dress you will need to find a supportive bra that fits under the dress, particularly if you are well endowed. Even a dress with sleeves may need a particular shape of bra to be sure that the straps do not show and spoil the look of the dress.

If possible you should buy your wedding lingerie in time to take to your dress fitting so you can make sure it doesn’t show.  Because you will be wearing your underwear to the fitting you might want to steer clear of anything too raunchy to avoid embarrassing the dress maker.

Choose lingerie that feels right for you

The key to choosing the right wedding underwear is to pick something that makes you feel good.  There is no greater boost to your self esteem as you walk down the aisle than knowing you are wearing fantastic lingerie that nobody else is aware of.  Choose underwear that suits your personality and body type, and don’t squeeze into something that will make you uncomfortable just because you have a fixed idea of what bridal lingerie should be.

Wedding dress trends that you shloud try it

unduhan-28From layering statement jewellery, to pearl embellishment being worn in textured plaits, here are some of the hottest trends from New York Bridal Fashion Week.

Veil detail

Reem Acra displayed a flair for intricate design with their veils featuring hand-stitched appliques which matched the detail on the gowns.

Braids and chokers

Houghton always bring an element of ‘cool’ to their collections, and this line of ruffled lace gowns was complimented with tight braided hairdos and statement chokers.

Purple haze

Soft hues of dainty purples and pinks seemed to dominate the catwalks, and this stunning Rivini number would be a perfect look for a bridesmaid or non-traditional bride.

Pearl embellishment

Embellishment has undoubtedly reached new heights of intricacy and opulence, and the use of pearls in lieu of crystals or sequins was showcased by WattersWtoo.

Opulent gold

Kelly Faetanini showed a series of gowns which displayed a regal feel, particularly the gown below, which features gold lace detail.

Curved lines and ruffles

Fashion designer Christian Siriano debuted his first bridal collection at New York Bridal Fashion Week, and his line was characterized by ruffles, pleats and curved lines.

Cappucino coloured gowns

Galia Lahav showcased some cappucino coloured gowns in their latest collection. This stunning mushroom-toned hue is very different to the traditional white or ivy, and the colour has already been featured by designers such as Inbal Dror, so watch this space…

Textured plaits

Braids and plaits are becoming increasingly popular in fashion and bridal circles, and Galia Lahav made the trend their own by taking it to the side with a soft middle part.

Gold leaf head pieces

Stunning gold leaf head bands adorned the heads of models in the Galia Lahav show, and the striking look was paired with very subtle, natural make-up.

Hair embellishment

Embellishment appears to have made the transition from the bodice to the head at Reem Acra’s show. The designer sent models on the runway sporting intricate pearl beading entwined in their plaits.

3D appliques

3D appliques were prominent at New York Bridal Fashion Week, and this Mira Zwillinger gown and cape is a perfect example of the look.

Sparkling embroidery

It seems near impossible to see bridal fashion show that doesn’t feature a little bit of sparkle, and the Ines Di Santo runway didn’t disappoint.

More is more

Current trends are heading toward large pieces of statement jewellery being worn together, resulting in a ‘more is more’ approach. Thick chokers, embellished headpieces and very long dangling earrings characterize the look.


Traditional lace remains a favourite for many designers including Reem Acra. These ladies backstage at the Reem Acra show certainly know how to work the lace look.

Interesting lines

The criss-cross tulle feature on the back of this Jim Hjelm gown is a delightful mixture of whimsical and contemporary design.

Questions About Services You Must Know the Answers To

The Advantages of Installing A Cloud Phone System

Increasing Revenue Through VOIP Phone System

It is normal for a company to ensure that the business is increasingly productive over time. At the end of the day, the end goal of any business organization is profitability and greater profitability stems from greater productivity. Some businesses have overlooked their phone system capabilities in their quest for increased profitability. How can an improved phone system affect the company’s productivity and profitability? The benefits are much more than one would expect.

What is a Cloud Phone System?
The Essentials of Companies – Revisited

Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP utilizes the Internet to deliver communication such as voice in contrast to a conventional cellular phone service which depends on their own proprietary network to function or a simplistic wired telephone system. VOIP offers customers a simple way to communicate using their integrated data network instead of different networks to perform a variety of business functions.
5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Phones

The Benefits of VOIP

A VOIP phone system, if properly implemented, has two benefits for the company: savings on direct costs and increase in productivity.

1. Save on costs: VOIP phone systems can help the company save money in different ways.

-Companies save on startup costs since a VOIP phone system requires minimal and inexpensive new equipment.

-All heavy and complicated infrastructure maintenance are performed by the service provider thus saving the company maintenance costs.

-Using a VOIP business phone system, can dramatically reduce monthly phone bills, if communication is transmitted over a broadband network.

2. The company gains more due to improved and increased worker productivity by switching to a VOIP service.

-By integrating all communication methods in a single network, such as e-mail, messaging and voicemail, workers will be able to perform more tasks in less time.

-Employees will be able to stay in touch via email, call or text using any device and will greatly benefit a company with a growing mobile workforce.

-Cloud phone service subscribers enjoy improved flexibility as they do not need to wait for major infrastructure changes to meet their standards or demands – changes can be made through a Web-based interface or a phone call.

Is It Time To Switch?

Realizing the valuable tangible benefits of a cloud phone system, many companies are moving from conventional phone systems to VOIP. It is time to consider a VOIP data network solution for your business.

Improve your company’s productivity and profitability by upgrading to a cloud phone system or VOIP system. A cloud phone system is being used by modern businesses to empower the company’s mobile workforce therefore maximizing productivity and profitability.

How to choose the right of high heel wedding shoes

Wedding shoes with a high heel are popular with brides the world over. They add elegance and glamour to your outfit, elongating your legs and adding height which is useful if you are marrying a tall man. It is often the brides that don’t usually wear high heels who want to do something special on their wedding day and try out high heel wedding shoes, but this can take some practise and preparation.

These seven tips will help you to wear your bridal high heels with style:

Limit your heel height

If you aren’t used to wearing high heels, jumping straight into a pair of six inch stilettos is going to have you limping by the end of the ceremony. Be realistic about what you can wear, and remember they will need to be comfortable enough to wear for the whole day. If you have your dress altered to suit high heels it will be too long for you to slip into flats halfway through the reception.

Take your shoes along to a fitting

Taking the actual shoes you will wear for the wedding is the best way to be sure the length of your wedding dress with work with the bridal high heels you have chosen. If you haven’t already bought them, try to take along a pair with a similar sized heel. This should prevent you getting your heel caught in the hem of your gown and tumbling headlong down the aisle.

Think what you’ll be walking on

If you are having an outdoor wedding you’re likely to get yourself stuck in the lawn if your wear razor sharp stilettos. Equally, you might create heel marks in a wooden dance floor. Look for wider heels or wedges for a larger surface area as well as added comfort.

Train your feet and legs

Wearing high heels requires a different way of walking and different muscles from wearing flat shoes. When you buy your high heel wedding shoes, try to get another similar pair in the same style that you can wear to the office or on a few nights out. This will help to train your feet and legs to cope with high heels, and will also show you whether you are likely to get sore toes or blisters on the day.

Check out your fiance’s height

It could be seen as traditionalist or even sexist, but most brides don’t want to tower over their new husband in their wedding photos. It’s surprising how much height those heels can add, so if there isn’t much difference between you and your fiance, make sure your bridal heels aren’t going to make you taller than him. On the other hand if you are petite and marrying a giant, the bridal high heel was made just for you!

Let’s dance

Dancing in high heels can feel very different to dancing in flat shoes or bare feet, so if you plan on performing a show stopping first dance with your new husband, make sure you practise it wearing your high heel wedding shoes. As your shoes will increase your height, your hold will be slightly different during the dance so it’s good for your partner to practise with the high heeled version of you too.

How to wear the platform shoe

There is a current trend for stacked platform bridal shoes, and these can give a lot of extra height with a relative degree of comfort. They look fantastic with contemporary styled dresses, and on brides with medium to large builds, but be careful if you are having a delicate vintage gown, or you are a very slim bride as they can look to clunky and out of place.

How to tell that you had engaged

The big question has been popped, you’ve got a sparkly new rock on your finger and now it’s time to tell the world. Here are 15 ways to do it that range from traditional to seriously social and modern:

Go with tradition

Take a traditional couple’s engagement photo. Over the years, you’ve probably seen people announce their big news this way and all it takes is snapping a great shot of you and your new fiance and sending it out on social media – or having it printed and send by snail mail. If you want truly memorable shots, rather than a happy snap taken on your phone, hire a professional wedding photographer who can put togther an engagement shoot that reflects who you both are.

Get a shot of the rock

Another popular way to announce your engagement is to take a simple shot of both your hands with the ring in focus like the image above or to shoot a close-up photo of the ring, with you and your fiance out of focus and in the background.

Show off your love

If you and your new fiance have been writing one another love letters (or, should that be emails and texts), grab them (or printouts and screenshots), read them out aloud to each other and snap pictures of your new fiance’s reaction as you do it.

Sneak attack

This one has to be planned ahead of time, so gents (and ladies), before you propose, organise for a friend or, better yet, a professional photographer to be nearby to capture the first reaction shot as she says yes.

Surprise (cocktail) party

Plan a happy hour get together with all of your friends and, once everyone arrives, announce the news in person. Getting to see all of their faces will be priceless.

Be crazy creative

Whether you search for ideas on our Inspiration Boards or Pinterest, or you’re an uber creative couple that loves to try new things when it comes to designs and colours, do your thing, whatever that may be, snap a photo and share away. The photo above may be a little too risque for some couples, but it’s about creating something fun that reflects your relationship.

Or, go for a little pun-tastic fun

One of the few times in life you’ll get away with being seriously corny is when you’re engaged. Consider creating a great pun surrounding your announcement. So, for example, if you get engaged in Autumn, find yourself an apple tree and hold up a hand-written sign that says, “I pick you!” #CornyButCute

Add some sand

If you live near the beach or are taking a trip together where there’ll be sand, make your announcement there. Create the words “I said yes!” out of sand or bits and pieces you find on the shore, such as shells and driftwood.

Create a heart-felt message

Whether you use overlapped thumb prints or hands to create a heart, your love will shine through as will your message if you include the ring in your picture or words such as ‘we’re engaged!’

Grab a coffee – or champagne!

Grab your coffee mugs or champagne flutes and adorn them with the words Mr. and Mrs. That’ll send a signal to anyone seeing it… loud and clear!

Get your Photoshop skills on

If you’re handy with Adobe’s image manipulation software, do something fun such as creating an iconic movie poster that stars you and your new fiance’s images. If that’s a little too complicated, something like the image above, which is fun, but relatively simple will do just as well.

Shoot a video

Even if it’s just a quick 15-second Instagram video or something fun on SnapChat, create a video announcement. For friends and family who may not see the video on Insta or SnapChat, you can always download it and put it up on a wedding website or just email them the video directly.

How to find bridal party place

As a newly married couple, the chances are you will be spending your wedding night in a lavish and luxurious honeymoon suite, but what about your bridal party? Unless you are getting married very locally, it may be hard for them to get home; the taxi fare could be more than the cost of a hotel room, so they will probably need wedding nightaccommodation too.

Here are seven top tips on accommodating your bridal party:

  1. Before you start looking into accommodation for your bridal party, think about whether you actually want to stay in the same hotel as them. Do you want the morning after your wedding to be an intimate time for just you and your hubby, or do you have visions of carrying on the party over breakfast with your close friends and family?
  2. Check what accommodation is available at your venue. If your wedding venue also provides accommodation, check how many rooms are available and see if you can get a discounted rate. Your immediate bridal party should have priority on the rooms at the venue, followed by any out of town guests.
  3. Look for accommodation close to your reception venue if you can’t actually stay at the venue itself. Ask the venue for recommendations and see if they have special deals with any local hotels. Make sure you arrange transport from the venue to the hotel if it isn’t possible to walk there. Hire a minibus to transport the bridal party to the hotel, or ask a local taxi company to have cars waiting at the venue at a certain time.
  4. Be aware that your bridal party may have spent a lot of money on your wedding when you take into account hen’s and buck’s nights, wedding outfits, gifts, and transport. With this in mind, try to choose a hotel that won’t cost them an arm and a leg. This might mean compromising on the type of room you stay in yourselves, but if you want to stay at the same place as the rest of your bridal party it will be worth it.
  5. Although you don’t have to pay for wedding night accommodation for your bridal party, it can be a nice gesture, and many couples are choosing to do this rather than buying a thank you gift. You may be able to get a good deal with the hotel or venue which means that a night’s accommodation doesn’t work out much pricier than a present.
  6. If you decide to pay for your bridal party’s accommodation, make sure you keep it fair. If you pay for a room for the best man and partner, you will have to do the same for the maid of honour and partner. If you pay for accommodation for the parents of the bride you should do the same for the parents of the groom. Unless you have a huge wedding budget, paying for accommodation for junior bridesmaids and ushers will be just too expensive.
  7. Make arrangements as easy as possible for your bridal party by finding out how to get to the hotel, what time they can check in, and whether they can park there in the morning and get a taxi back to the ceremony location. It may be the ideal place for you and your bridesmaids to get ready on the morning of the wedding, so check whether it is possible to book a room for that purpose.

Wedding guests accommodation tips

If you happen to be getting married in a large hotel, the majority of your wedding guests will probably book a room there so they can stagger up to bed when the party finishes. Having accommodation at your wedding venue is a big bonus, as your friends and family can relax and have a good time without wondering how they are going to get home, or whether they will be able to find their hotel later in the evening.

For those couples that have chosen a venue without accommodation, or those that are looking for more affordable alternatives to what the hotel can provide, here are ten tips on accommodating your wedding guests:

  1. Research accommodation close to your wedding venue and try to find hotels in a wide variety of price ranges.
  2. Always check with the hotel directly to see whether you can get a good deal by booking a lot of rooms, even if your particular wedding venue doesn’t have an existing arrangement with that hotel.
  3. Provide detailed information about local hotels with your wedding invitations, including a short description of each hotel, the distance from the venue, and their website address.
  4. If your guests need to provide a code, or mention your surname, to get a discounted rate on hotel rooms, make sure you state that clearly on the information you send with the invitations.
  5. If the hotels that the majority of your guests are staying at are a long way from your venue, consider hiring a mini bus to provide shuttle runs from the hotel to the ceremony, and then back again at the end of the night. Alternatively, if you know guests that are staying at the same hotel, hook them up so they can share a taxi there and back.
  6. If you plan on having a breakfast or brunch for guests the morning after your wedding, mention it on your invitations. This may affect your guests’ choice of hotel, as well as the type of booking they make.
  7. Check what time the hotel bar stays open until, and see if they can open late for your wedding guests. If your guests want to continue the party back at the hotel, you don’t want them to be disappointed by a closed bar.
  8. Ask the hotel whether they will place a small card, note, or gift in the rooms of all your wedding guests before they arrive. This is a great personal touch, and will make your guests feel that the wedding celebrations have already begun at the hotel. Just giving the hotel a list of the guests that are staying there and a box of gifts should be enough.
  9. If some of your guests are coming from out of town they may want to arrive the night before, or they may decide to make a long weekend of it and stay for a couple of days after the wedding. Check with your hotel whether any discounts you negotiate will apply on other nights, or just the night of the wedding.
  10. If reasonably priced accommodation in the area you are marrying is scarce, try renting some large holiday homes with plenty of rooms, and invite your guests to stay there. Although the houses themselves can be pricey, once there are a few people sharing the cost they can be an affordable option and great fun at the same time.

Wedding tiara tips on your big day

Your wedding day is one of the few occasions when you can justify wearing a tiara, and for many brides slipping on that sparkling headpiece is the icing on the cake. Combined with your stunning bridal gown, a wedding tiara will really make you feel like a princess. Recently there has been a trend for simple tiaras that can look more like Alice bands or bun wraps, rather than tall elaborate styles.

These six possible wedding tiara styles should give you food for thought:

  1. The wishbone tiara is a glamorous vintage style which curves smoothly around the head and rises to a point above the crown of the head. It works well with an up do or loose hair and can be accessorised with crystals or pearls.
  2. The double band tiara is a very popular option incorporating two simple and distinct semicircular bands, often encrusted with crystals along their length.
  3. The bun wrap tiara is worn further back on the head than other styles of tiara, and is flexible to fit neatly around a high bun.
  4. The wreath tiara is an asymmetrical tiara designed to look like a simple floral wreath, or a vine with crystal flowers and silver leaves. It is a romantic style and works well with a tousled up do.
  5. The headband tiara is a simple design that sits flat to the head, but can incorporate one detailed element such as a crystal flower or ornament to one side.
  6. The regal tiara is formal style with more height, but many modern brides feel that these are a little fussy or over the top.

Most tiaras can be worn with or without a veil, and are suitable for short hair styles, loose hair or bridal up dos. Here are top tips on wearing a bridal tiara:

  • If you are wearing a veil with your tiara, it can be attached using fabric hook and loop closures so that your veil can be removed without taking off your tiara and ruining your hairstyle. Your veil doesn’t have to be attached to your tiara; it can be attached at the back of you head with a backpiece if you don’t want it to cover your face.
  • Don’t be afraid to use colour in your tiara. If you are having crystals, which are currently very fashionable, they are available in a wide variety of colours and you are sure to find something that matches or complements your wedding accent colour.
  • Take care with the positioning of your tiara. It should be worn on the crown of the head, or further back, not on top of the forehead. If you are having your hair done professionally your stylist should be able to place the tiara in exactly the right place for you.
  • Don’t be tempted to go for an over large tiara even if you like the style. Your tiara should complement your hairstyle and your wedding dress, not overshadow it. If you are petite, look for a simple narrow tiara to avoid looking top heavy.
  • Most tiaras have two loops at the ends of the semi circle which help you to secure the tiara to your head. Making sure your tiara is secure will stop you worrying that it is going to slip and fidgeting with it throughout the day. Choose something comfortable and lightweight and you should be able to forget that it is there

Great ideas of bridal bouquets


Lightweight and ever lasting, feather arrangements can be as bold and colourful as any floral bouquet. You can opt for an array of multi coloured feathers or perhaps follow a more classic direction by utilising soft white feathers dispersed amidst sprigs of crystal.

Brooch yourself

Get thrifty with antiquated brooches, uncoupled earrings, bandless watches and any other trinkets stashed away in your sewing kit for a rainy day. Sneak in your ‘something blue’, stick to a vintage theme, or keep with tradition and use floral only ornaments.

Button up

A button bouquet is a great way to express your personal style and enhance the colour theme of your wedding. You can choose an many colours as you like, or as little depending on what section of the rainbow takes your fancy!

Beach babe

You may not be able to walk down the aisle in a mermaid tail, but you can channel your inner sea princess with a bouquet of the ocean’s finest offerings. Stick with a single variety, or mix things up with a combination of sea shells in different sizes and colours.

Mirrored beads

A glamorous and sparkling option; a mirrored bead bouquet will certainly increase your bling factor and would particularly suit a winter wedding. This unconventional bridal bouquet is also perfect for brides who love a bit of glamour and sparkle.


Minimalists will appreciate this wire interpretation of a floral bouquet, which is carefully adorned with crystals and pearls; a soft and feminine touch to an otherwise industrial accessory. We should probably advise against throwing this blindly into a crowd of people.

Paper perfect

One for the writers and music lovers. You can personalise your paper bouquet by using music sheets or lyrics to your favourite song, or words from your favourite poem or book. This can be both creative and sentimental and add an extra special element to your wedding day bouquet.

Edible blooms

Lime and broccoli are colourful and edible options to include in your bouquet, particularly if you really love your vegetables! Other edible decorations you could use include green artichokes, wheat stems, asparagus tops, pomegranates, apples, cherries and heirloom carrots.

Crochet bouquet

Get grandma involved in the wedding planning and assign her the task of crocheting a bouquet. Perfect for the vintage bride, a crochet bouquet is also a great opportunity to display ‘something old’, like an ivory pearl or pretty ribbon.

Silk selection

There are many varieties of silk flowers which look exactly like the real thing, and the benefit of a silk floral bouquet is that you may keep it forever.

Bauble beauty

Perfect for a Christmas wedding, a bauble bouquet can be as colourful as you desire and will bring a fun element to your bridal look. Experiment with varied shades of colours and different textures and finishes.

How to find the best of wedding night accommodation

Traditionally it is the groom’s responsibility to arrange the wedding night accommodation, but it’s always a good idea to make some suggestions and be clear about the type of wedding night you are anticipating. This will help to avoid confusion or disappointment on one of the most special nights of your lives.

These top tips will help you to decide on the right wedding night accommodation for you:

Talk to your fiance about whether you want to party all night with your guests, and then meet them again for breakfast, or whether you want the wedding night and the next morning to be private time for just the two of you. If you agree on the first you should book wedding night accommodation in the same hotel as your guests, otherwise you might want to look for a hotel further away.

Try not to book wedding night accommodation too far from your venue. After a busy day and a decent amount of champagne you will probably be asleep before you reach the hotel if you have a long drive to get there. If you are flying off on honeymoon early the next morning you might consider staying at an airport hotel as you won’t have to get up so early the next day. Make sure you arrange transport from your venue to the hotel.

Check out any special offers your venue has on wedding night accommodation. If they have a bridal suite they may offer it to you for free because you have spent so much with them, or if they don’t offer accommodation they may have arranged discounts with local hotels. You can sometimes get a really good deal through your venue so it can’t hurt to ask.

Be prepared to splash out on your wedding night accommodation as it is a once in a lifetime occasion and you deserve a little luxury and comfort. Don’t forget that you will only be there for a short time if you are leaving early the next day, however. There’s no point in paying extra for unlimited use of the spa if you are arriving in the middle of the night and checking out before lunch.

If you are only staying one night try to find a hotel that will let you check out late. You want your first morning as newly weds to be a relaxed and romantic occasion so you shouldn’t be worrying about getting breakfast in a hurry and leaving before 10am.

When you are looking for wedding night accommodation, ask what the hotel can do to make your stay just that bit more special. Many hotels offer extras for newly weds including fresh flowers, chocolates, music, champagne, strawberries, or fancy toiletries including massage or bath oils.

Don’t leave it too late to book your wedding night accommodation. Many couples spend hours researching local hotels for their guests to stay in, and even get reduced rates for those attending the wedding, but when they come to book something for themselves they find that everywhere is full of wedding guests. Try to book something before you send out your wedding invitations if wedding night accommodation isn’t available at your venue or included in your wedding package.